CoolSculpting® works based on cryolipolysis, or the biological principle that fat cells are frozen more easily than other skin cells. When controlled cooling is applied to areas of the body with persistent fat, it freezes and destroys the fat cells and leaves the surrounding tissue unharmed. Over time these cells are naturally eliminated from the body, leaving you with a slimmer, more sculpted appearance. 

By freezing and destroying fat cells in a controlled and painless way, CoolSculpting® can tighten, tone, and sculpt nearly any area of the body.


What to Expect?

Each application of the CoolSculpting® device lasts commonly around 35 minutes, but this can vary depending on the area being treated. The number of applications needed for the best outcome varies by treatment area as well as the patient's baseline and goals. Most patients find their CoolSculpting treatment day to be relaxing time to focus on themselves. During treatment, patients can read, watch TV, check their emails, or even take a nap!


What Are The Benefits?

As the first CoolSculpting® certified practice in Lynchburg, with years more experience than anyone in the area, Aesthetics by RidgeView Dermatology is without question the best qualified to perform the procedure. Why take a chance with anyone less qualified?

Because CoolSculpting® decreases the number of fat cells in an area, not the size of those fat cells, the improvements seen with treatment are permanent as long as patient's overall weight remains stable. Since there is a smaller total number of fat cells after treatment, the ability of the treatment area to increase in size is dramatically lowered permanently.