miraDry® is a leading edge new procedure that can permanently reduce underarm sweating after a single, minimally-invasive treatment. While this treatment is particularly beneficial for individuals who suffer from hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, it can be undergone by anyone who simply wants to stop armpit sweating.

In addition to permanently eliminating underarm sweat and odor, an added benefit of miraDry® is that it can remove underarm hair. Because this hair can be difficult and frustrating to manage through shaving and waxing alone, miraDry® offers patients the convenience of never having to worry about it again.


This non-invasive treatment uses the power of electromagnetic energy to target the sweat and odor glands located in the underarm area. As these glands absorb heat, they begin to rupture and die. Once these glands are destroyed, they’re gone for good. This energy affects the hair follicles of the underarm area in much the same way. As the heat is absorbed by these follicles, many of them rupture and die. These dead follicles can no longer produce hair, leaving the underarm area smooth and hair-free.


Each miraDry® treatment takes about one hour to complete per arm and brings patients little to no downtime. Because the treatment area is numbed before the procedure, patients feel no pain or discomfort. Only one session needs to be undergone to receive the full benefits of this treatment.