BOTOX® is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments available today. This injectable has been approved for cosmetic use in 78 countries around the world and has been the subject of 417 peer-reviewed articles and studies. Since its FDA approval in 2002, over 10 million vials of BOTOX® have been sold in the U.S. alone.

BOTOX® has enjoyed such a wide-ranging popularity because it is a product that delivers both consistent and effective results. It can be used to soften the appearance of a wide range of fine lines and wrinkles, including:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead lines
  • Vertical lip lines
  • Chin dimpling


While the development of wrinkles is complicated and caused by a variety of different factors, one of the most common causes of these lines is facial movement. While facial expressions are a normal part of everyday interactions, these repeated muscle movements can lead to wrinkling around the eyes, forehead, brows, and mouth. BOTOX® works by targeting these underlying muscle contractions using small amounts of botulinum toxin. Once injected into the muscles, this substance temporarily relaxes them, allowing the wrinkles above them time to soften.


While BOTOX® injections are never entirely comfortable or easy to undergo, each injection period typically lasts no more than 20 minutes. Significant results manifest themselves within two days of treatment, and usually last for about four full months. After this amount of time, additional injections will need to be undergone to maintain any positive improvements.

BOTOX® features virtually no downtime or recovery period. While side effects like rashes, itching, neck or back pain, muscle stiffness, swelling, and bruising are possible, these usually subside within a few days of treatment.

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